Click or tap on the Plus button () next to an item name to add that item to your cart.
Fill out the required information (if any) for that item. As you enter information, the form field will automatically save and let you know that the information has been successfully saved with a green checkmark () next to the field name. The Country field defaults to "United States (USA)" and has already been saved so a green checkmark will not appear next to Country.
After all form fields for that item have a green checkmark (except the Country field and possibly the Zip Code field if that was the last information entered), click or tap on the Save button () to finalize the item information that you entered.
If you need to change some information after clicking or tapping Save, you can click or tap on the Edit button () to change information.

After all item names in your Cart are green (indicating that no more item information or details are required), payment method options will appear, along with your Cart total, service fees (if any) and a place to apply discounts.

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please contact the Registration Director.

Online Registration: A Helpful Guide

Online Registration fills in the gap between purchasing a pass at the convention and when Pre-Registration closes. In general, an Online Registration lets you purchase a pass that you would usually only be able to purchase at the convention and pick it up at the Pre-Registration area. So what exactly is Online Registration and what is it not?

Online Registration is:
Online Registration is not:

-Matt "Comter" Zeisler
Software Director, regIT